Trinity - Attractions and Activities

Historic Trinity The Trinity area on the Bonavista Peninsula has been a destniation of one form or another for the past 500 years. It is a community that was built on the fishery with a prosperus boat building industry over its historic past. Its name comes from Trinity Sunday in the Christian calendar, because it was on that day in 1501 that Portuguese explorer Gasper Corte Real sailed into the harbour and named it.

Historic Trinity Trinity is now a destniation for people interested in learning and living Newfoundland’s rich cultural and historical past. With a thriving arts community, centuries old architecture, superb restaurants, endless outdoor activities, newfoundlanders and people from all over the world visit trinity for an priceless experience.

The Discovery Trail (Route 230 from Clarenville to Bonavista) is your gateway to The Trinity area. The discovery trail tourism association is the representative body of all tourism operators on the Bonavista Peninsula.

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With a wide expanse of horizon, there are plenty of opportunities to view the many small bays, sheltered coves, and blue water inlets, which are a trademark of this part of the island. Many a photographer has spent their days wandering from area to area snapping up our beautiful landscapes, which offer vistas that rival anywhere in North America. Please avail of the following pages so that you can become familiar with what the Trinity area can offer.



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