Trinity Area - History

The Trinity Museum There is a rich history in Trinity. With many historically significant buildings, including the oldest standing wooden structure in Newfoundland – Holy Trinity Catholic Church, as well as many other historical sites, Trinity’s past seeps out of the entire community.

Trinity Historical Society owns and operates The Trinity Museum, a 1880's salt box style house which houses over 2,000 artifacts used at one time in the domestic, commercial, fishing, boat building, medical, governmental and other aspects of life in Trinity. The Green Family Forge, a living history blacksmith's museum containing all the tools of the trade and products for the fishery, vessels, agriculture and the household. Court House, Gaol and General Building, designed by architect William Henry Churchill, this public building with its offset tower and mansard roof, is constructed in the same design as a series of Newfoundland Court Houses. The building currently houses the local Pharmacy.

Court House,Gaol and General Building

In addition, the Society houses the main collection of its Trinity Historical Society Archives on the third floor of the Lester-Garland House.

For a fantastic chronological history of the Town of Trinity, please view the Trinity Historical Society's website and their Timeline.

Morris Manor

The property in Trinity that is operated by Vintage Newfoundland is Morris Manor. This is a 4.5 star Vacation Home that has been renovated and refurbished in a manner to maintain the original characteristics of the circa 1865 home. It is a Nationally Registered Heritage Property. There are eight Registered Heritage Properties in Trinity. This property was purchased from Mr. Chris O’Dea, who completed the initial renovations.


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